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September 2019

A look at substance use disorder


This HND piece gives an introduction to this major problem, beginning with a breakdown of the ten biggest addictions, and the number of people so encumbered. We then move into the treatment modalities of behavioral therapy and medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

Unfortunately, the reputation of MAT--which can be quite effective--has been spolied a bit by unscrupulous practitioners, but those operations are gradually being pushed out by the ethical clinics. There really is hope for those in the grips of substance abuse disorder.

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You've got the power


This HND piece starts off by reminding you that you DO have the discover all sorts of health information on the Internet. The challenge is to separate the good stuff from the nonsense. One way to do this is—and maybe the best way—is to consult multiple sources.

We do note that the information mandarin class still enjoys putting on its airs about what "real" news sources are, compared to that sketchy info you might pick up from alternative sources on the Web. Only, there was that little matter of the outrageously fraudulent 1998 Wakefield paper, that appeared in The Lancet, supposedly the most prestigious medical journal in the English language. Despite the huge outcry against the paper, it was not officially withdrawn until...2010.

Then, we get into mHealth, and the world of portable power banks—including an exciting new product with some great features.

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A look at chronic sinusitis


This HND piece focuses on the nasty matter of chronic sinusitis, a condition that affects millions of people, with a host of unpleasant symptoms. Standard treatment is a long course of antibiotics, but this doesn't always work, and can bring on side effects, as well.

It has been known for some time that this affliction is often caused by a bacterial imbalance in nasal membranes, whereby the chronic condition features different bugs from simple sinusitis. Thus, the idea of topical probiotics has been mentioned for the past few years. Indeed, such therapy has worked for ear infections and tonsillitis. We highlight a new product that is a special probiotic nasal spray, that seems to be getting good consumer reviews.

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Too much food is being wasted: Let's get smarter about it


This HND piece digs into the very serious matter of food waste. We include some pretty shocking statistics from the UN, and Feeding America.

We also help clarify the meaning of those dates, placed on virtually all food items these days. In virtually all cases, the dates refer to optimum quality, and not safety issues. Tips to check for spoilage are included, as are good links to food safety resources.

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