Vivitrol and the FDA
The problem with corporate medicine

Fixing healthcare with more regulation?


This HND piece is a reaction to an article in The BMJ entitled "Time to stop commercial distortion of healthcare evidence and practice, experts urge." The gist of the story is that we have to figure out a way to temper the influence of evil corporate interests (read Big Pharma) in research results. A related issue is the matter of overdiagnosis and "too much medicine." As the authors put it, evidence needs to be more "trustworthy."

And, of course, since the article was written by academics, the recommendations tend to favor government and the academy having more of a say in these matters. As if neither greed nor bias exists in those worlds.

Besides, very few people would argue that there has been a net improvement in healthcare since the Feds starting controlling it in 1965 with Medicare.

Read the complete article.


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