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April 2020

More on COVID-19


This HND piece goes into more information on the virus pandemic. We start with a full rundown on the two labs in Wuhan that were handling dangerous viruses, and how they could have escaped—accidentally or otherwise. This includes an explanation of the Biosafety Level criteria and the lack of any publicized audit trail. And then there's the matter of whether or not this pathogen could have been specifically engineered.

We segue into the latest on hydroxychloroquine, and the lamestream media's bizarre attempts to stigmatize that therapy, even going so far as to put lipstick on that pig of a VA study. Also included is an interesting new theory on the pathophysiology of COVID-19.

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Interesting new COVID-19 findings

Virus-4937553_300 This HND piece pokes some holes in the pervasive (and wrong) orthodoxy concerning our current pandemic. We provide links to new research that—among other things—decimates the notion of "shelter in place" and even if massive self-quarantining has done any good.

New research from Germany and Denmark is presented along with stunning findings from an Israeli math professor.

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COVID-19, hydroxychloroquine, and politics


This HND piece examines the seamy politics behind how COVID-19 and promising drug hydroxychloroquine are being portrayed to the public. We start off by giving a chronicle of the Chinese government's unconscionable tactics, including cover-ups and harassment of their own health officials. Of course, this was more than matched by the toady behavior of the once-proud World Health Organization.

Then, we segue to how the media seems to be on a misguided jihad against hydroxychloroquine, apparently because Donald Trump has given this promising therapy a few encouraging words. Sadly, the public is beginning to realize just how damaged the notion of "public health" has become.

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A look at gas sterilization


This HND piece uses the COVID-19 crisis as a springboard to focus on gas sterilization—a method of low-temperature sterilization for those medical devices that can't take the heat of steam. Along the way, we get into some cool scientific principles such as the definition of a plasma, and the difference between a vapor and a gas.

Then we spotlight the sterilization method of vaporized hydrogen peroxide, which is now being used to process respirators for re-use.

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