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Shouldn't we expect more from our public health agencies?


This HND piece examines the legacy of failure that is our public health agencies. We first focus on their handling of COVID-19, and the ridiculous policy of quarantining the healthy while ignoring the most vulnerable. This is brought into sharp relief when you realize that at least 43% of all deaths from the virus have occurred in nursing homes. And then, the frankly murderous record of New York state is compared with Florida. Florida— with a larger population and many more older residents—has a fraction of the deaths.

It hardly takes a rocket scientist to understand that forcing COVID-19 patients into such facilities is a recipe for disaster. So what does that tell you about the leadership of the Empire State? And, then there's the flagrant politicization in how the deaths from COVID are even being counted.

What about the entire theory behind the lockdown mentality? Prepare to be disappointed once again. If nothing else comes out of this pandemic, it should be the harsh realization that most medical academics and bureaucrats are little more than empty suits, whose value is immensely overstated. We then segue into the utter fiasco that is our record on obesity, dietary recommendations, and diabetes.

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Chronic halitosis is no joke


This HND piece examines the all-too-common problem of chronic halitosis, going way back in time to find that the first breath mints were produced by the ancient Egyptians. And, that is just one of the interesting historical anecdotes we uncover.

We then move into a discussion of the science behind bad breath. It turns out the the main cause is volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) produced by anaerobic bacteria living on the tongue and nearby areas. So, those early commercials about killing the germs that cause bad breath were correct.

Then, we segue into a discussion of the Halimeter®, the world’s most trusted and widely used instrument for the analysis and treatment of chronic halitosis, manufactured by Interscan Corporation. The company has just launched its all-new Halimeter® PLUS, featuring brand new electronics, a real time graphic display, and an SD memory function. With this memory, the practitioner can store all patient readings, and export the data to Excel for further study.

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A look at nursing homes


This HND piece examines the history and current state of nursing homes, and gives a possible explanation for the appallingly high rate of COVID-19 deaths that are occurring in these facilities. Of course, there are vast disparities in this fatality rate state-to-state with the worst offender—by far—being the state of New York.

We look at how Medicare defines the term "nursing home," and link to its handy tool that rates every such facility in the country. Then we segue into a searing attack on how these places are run, from a longtime advocate for change in the industry.

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My last article on COVID-19 (for now)


This HND piece presents a few more observations and contrarian points on the ongoing crisis. We discuss a number of published studies that seriously question the rigorous lockdown approach. In the first one, TJ Rodgers says that there is no correlation between the length of lockdowns are how many lives were saved. A similar study from Western Europe echoes Rodgers' results.

Next, infamous Professor Lockdown (Neil Ferguson of the UK), he of the 2.2. million deaths in the US, has been completely discredited. And, his personal life has about as much integrity as his epidemiological modeling. For this, Elon Musk gets in his digs.

Then, we segue into a treatment of masks—and how to use them; and end with a few snarky comments from Lionel Media.

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Still more on COVID-19


This HND piece continues our ongoing series about the COVID-19 pandemic, and focuses on the latest information. Some of which is contrarian to what is covered in the legacy media. Subtopic headings include:

  • Don't believe the death numbers
  • How smart are the shutdowns?
  • What about the ventilator panic?
  • Positive initial results on remdesivir
  • The Neuro-Immune Doc offers some insights

It's time people develop a healthy skepticism toward what the "experts" are telling us. The truth is: Most of the experts either have been consistently wrong, have massive conflicts of interest, or often both.

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