The “H” drug and the “I” drug
COVID-19 and the vax--unfiltered

COVID-19 quick takes—part four


This HND piece delves into CDC's advice for the fully vaccinated (quite disappointing); how the vaccine can affect pregnancy, lactation, and mammograms; and the unexplained deaths. As to the unexplained deaths, officialdom is not exactly being fully forthcoming with details beyond "He/she did not die from the vax." Wow, that's reassuring.

Women might be concerned regarding the relative lack of coverage on how being vaccinated can create false positives on mammograms, and how that caveat has never before been advanced for any other vaccine. We link to good advice on the matter.

As to the pregnancy and lactation, CDC speaks with forked tongue: The vax data clearly states that there is not enough evidence to assure safety for pregnant and lactating women, but the agency also still recommends that it be taken. With friends like these...

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