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March 2021

Millennials, healthcare, and the COVID-19 pandemic


This HND piece puts the spotlight on our biggest demographic: Millennials. This is also the cohort with the most clichés and stereotypes. We look at two surveys run by Harmony Healthcare IT on how millennials feel about various healthcare issues—one done in 2019, and one just completed in February. Of course, the results were affected by the pandemic.

Among other things, 25% said that they would not get the COVID vax. And many appear to trust Dr. Google more than their own doctors.

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COVID-19 and the vax--unfiltered


This HND piece avoids certain rhetorical niceties as we recap the debacle that has been official public health policy on COVID-19. We start with how people were deliberately misled as to what "Flattening the curve" actually means.

From there, we segue into the very sketchy basis for lockdowns, and the odd fixation on COVID-19, as if this one disease is more important than any other. Full marks if you realize that such a posture is unprecedented in at least modern medical history. And that all leads to the strange case of so-called "lockdown denialism," whereby miserable things we observe throughout society that have occurred over the past year are blamed on "the pandemic," rather than the lockdowns.

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COVID-19 quick takes—part four


This HND piece delves into CDC's advice for the fully vaccinated (quite disappointing); how the vaccine can affect pregnancy, lactation, and mammograms; and the unexplained deaths. As to the unexplained deaths, officialdom is not exactly being fully forthcoming with details beyond "He/she did not die from the vax." Wow, that's reassuring.

Women might be concerned regarding the relative lack of coverage on how being vaccinated can create false positives on mammograms, and how that caveat has never before been advanced for any other vaccine. We link to good advice on the matter.

As to the pregnancy and lactation, CDC speaks with forked tongue: The vax data clearly states that there is not enough evidence to assure safety for pregnant and lactating women, but the agency also still recommends that it be taken. With friends like these...

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The “H” drug and the “I” drug


This HND piece looks at the suppression of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin by our feckless and grossly incompetent public health officials. Is it too cynical to think that partisan politics, and not good science are driving the entire process against COVID-19?

The cancel culture is operating with total impunity, and that even includes canceling the US Senate if there is a video covering a positive presentation on ivermectin. Sure, the jackals are out to get Andrew Cuomo for killing those nursing home residents, but who is going after US Public Health for having a COVID death rate that is more than ten times higher than India? Oh, India makes extensive use of both of those drugs.

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