Millennials, healthcare, and the COVID-19 pandemic
Vitamin D and COVID-19

COVID-19 quick takes--part five


This HND piece focuses on just two takes, but they are both important. The first is the sinister notion of vaccine passports. Forget for a moment that this sort of thing conjures up all sorts of disturbing Nazi images of "Your papers, please." Consider instead that this sort of database could be vastly expanding to include all sorts of financial and other personal information, without your knowledge or consent. The fact that something like this can even be proposed, let alone instituted in the United States is, frankly, shocking.

We then segue into the matter of Antibody Dependent Enhancement, which is far from some bizarre conspiracy theory. After all, it has happened quite recently with a highly-touted Dengue Fever vaccine, responsible for dozens of deaths of the very children it was supposed to be saving.

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