Vitamin D and COVID-19

COVID-19 quick takes--part six


This HND piece focuses on three topics: Herd immunity, the efficacy of masks, and the highly inflated CDC COVID death tolls.

It seems to be clear now that the vaunted herd immunity will not be achieved, and the article explains why. Even though the so-called Stanford mask study, which pegged masks as being mostly useless, has been retracted, there is the earlier study from Denmark, which showed limited effectiveness. As it is, given the wide variability of masks, as well as little consistency in how they are fitted and worn, there will probably never be a definitive study. My take is that they are likely useful in highly concentrated environments, such as aircraft cabins.

Regarding the COVID death numbers, comorbidities are present in over 90% of the cases, and we discuss a murder-suicide in which the victims tested positive, and the deaths were thus originally listed as COVID-caused.

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