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COVID-19 quick takes--part six


This HND piece focuses on three topics: Herd immunity, the efficacy of masks, and the highly inflated CDC COVID death tolls.

It seems to be clear now that the vaunted herd immunity will not be achieved, and the article explains why. Even though the so-called Stanford mask study, which pegged masks as being mostly useless, has been retracted, there is the earlier study from Denmark, which showed limited effectiveness. As it is, given the wide variability of masks, as well as little consistency in how they are fitted and worn, there will probably never be a definitive study. My take is that they are likely useful in highly concentrated environments, such as aircraft cabins.

Regarding the COVID death numbers, comorbidities are present in over 90% of the cases, and we discuss a murder-suicide in which the victims tested positive, and the deaths were thus originally listed as COVID-caused.

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COVID-19 quick takes--part five


This HND piece focuses on just two takes, but they are both important. The first is the sinister notion of vaccine passports. Forget for a moment that this sort of thing conjures up all sorts of disturbing Nazi images of "Your papers, please." Consider instead that this sort of database could be vastly expanding to include all sorts of financial and other personal information, without your knowledge or consent. The fact that something like this can even be proposed, let alone instituted in the United States is, frankly, shocking.

We then segue into the matter of Antibody Dependent Enhancement, which is far from some bizarre conspiracy theory. After all, it has happened quite recently with a highly-touted Dengue Fever vaccine, responsible for dozens of deaths of the very children it was supposed to be saving.

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COVID-19 and the vax--unfiltered


This HND piece avoids certain rhetorical niceties as we recap the debacle that has been official public health policy on COVID-19. We start with how people were deliberately misled as to what "Flattening the curve" actually means.

From there, we segue into the very sketchy basis for lockdowns, and the odd fixation on COVID-19, as if this one disease is more important than any other. Full marks if you realize that such a posture is unprecedented in at least modern medical history. And that all leads to the strange case of so-called "lockdown denialism," whereby miserable things we observe throughout society that have occurred over the past year are blamed on "the pandemic," rather than the lockdowns.

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Lockdowns and vaccines


This HND piece takes a look at some little known facts about COVID-19 inspired lockdowns and the vaccines. The basic point here is that our reaction to the pandemic is now a bigger story than the pandemic itself.

As to the lockdowns, we trace the idea behind this to 2007, and actually show you what this famous "curve," of "Flatten the curve" the fame is all about. Too bad no one has ever covered that before. Oh, and all the "science" behind the lockdowns is based on some very sketchy modeling courtesy of Bill Gates and his foundation. Spoiler alert: It's garbage.

On the vaccine side, we discuss some nasty issues that might occur with pregnant women who get the shots. As it is, there was never enough data on pregnant woman to even assess the effects, although simple in vitro tests that should have been done...weren't.

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COVID-19 quick takes--part three


This HND piece continues on from the previous week, this time looking at a ridiculous mask study from the CDC; Pfizer deciding not to pursue the India market for its vaccine; and the WHO inspection of the Wuhan Lab.

We reveal a serious issue with that CDC, that is hiding in plain site, and was missed by almost every single media outlet that covered it. One has to wonder why Pfizer would bail on the world's second most populated country, to sell more of its vaccines. And as to the WHO inspection, let's just say that it was...flawed.

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COVID-19 quick takes—part two


This HND piece continues the tradition started last November, in which we discuss a few current topics in the world of COVID-19. In this article we look at:

♦ What really happened to the mysterious Placer County, CA person who died hours after getting the COVID-19 vaccine?

♦ The pernicious politics keeping your kids from returning to in-person school.

♦ The epic failure of the technocrats in handling the COVID-19 response, and how this was eminently predictable. (Thanks, F.A. Hayek)

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Taking a shot...or not


This HND piece examines the rather large resistance to taking the COVID-19 vaccine, compared to the universal acceptance of the polio vaccine program of the 1950s and early 1960s. It might be hard for people to understand today that even a horrific incident in which tainted polio vaccine CAUSED thousands of cases of polio barely slowed the momentum.

But, remember that back then, people were far less skeptical of the government, even if there were ample reasons to be skeptical. Watergate and the tragedy of Vietnam were still years away. And, the public was still basking in the promise of Science.

We include some very revealing survey data. Spoiler: 47% of those surveyed will probably not get the vaccine.

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Infection control in the age of COVID-19


This HND piece examines specific infection control procedures that are used in areas exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. While the term "infection control" is most often applied to healthcare facilities, any time we don a mask or maintain social distancing, every one of us is practicing infection control.

The CDC has established detailed procedures for cleaning up COVID-19 affected areas, and most facilities outside of the healthcare industry would be well served to use professional services. We do mention a respected clean-up outfit, based in Seattle.

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California COVID dreamin’ and more


This HND piece examines the paradox whereby California has the most COVID-19 cases, along with the tightest lockdown rules. Moreover, on a per capita basis, California's active cases are about 30 percent higher than that of Florida, which has virtually no restrictions.

About the only places where lockdowns seem to work are under extremely draconian circumstances, and then in island nations. Still, one wonders how New Zealand can claim that they have no new cases, unless they are testing every citizen every day. Since a "case" seems to be defined as testing "positive," and this is a virus that is asymptomatic in up to 80% of cases, how can such a "finding" be proclaimed?

We then segue into the work of Donald Henderson, a giant in disease control and mitigation. Would it surprise you that his recommendations for how to handle pandemic flu are mostly being ignored or contradicted by our current policy?

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2021—Commentary And Speculation


This HND piece first takes a look back at 2020, and then offers some speculation on what 2021 will bring.

Among other things, we focus on feckless and incompetent leaders, both in public health and at the administrative level. That leads to speculation that some of them might be recalled and removed—especially if lockdowns are not relaxed within a few months. Then, there's the matter of blatant censorship of various stories before the election.

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