Let's save a billion lives--with e-cigs

This HND piece once again covers the topic of e-cigarettes, and this time spotlights an upcoming feature entitled A Billion Lives.  Regular readers of my columns will already be familiar with the sad truth of officialdom being dead set against e-cigs, for completely selfish reasons--that have nothing to do with public health.

Helmer Aaron Biebert has created a compelling work that is sure to spread the message beyond the e-cig community.

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As one critic put it:  "Uh, no."  This pic is an overblown mess.  Check out my review over at the Mike's Comments.  All in all, this Noah is about what you’d expect from an atheist vegan director with way too much money to spend.

Peter and the wolf

This 1936 work by Sergei Prokofiev is familiar to children throughout the world, and has been recorded dozens of times. There are at least three animation versions, the first being from Disney in 1946.

For my money, the best version of the work is a 2006 stop-motion animation version by Suzie Templeton. In Templeton's telling, there is no narration or dialog, and she is not afraid to darken things up a bit. Still, the ending is positive for Peter and his wolf alter ego.

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My review of this overrated pic is posted at the Mike's Comments. As I note, "Despite near unanimous critical praise, there are gaping plot holes, PC cliches galore, and precious little character development."

I could have done without the silly anti-Catholic sentiments, as well. The late Roger Ebert would probably have been quite conflicted about this movie. Read the complete review.