Suspect Zero (2004) retrospective

This dark movie never really got its due, for a variety of reasons explored in this retrospective.  Hard to follow for many casual film fans, it's definitely worth the trouble.

Featuring not one, but two serial killers--even if one of them is arguably a good guy--and one of the few Hollywood pics to cover the phenomenon of remote viewing, this little offbeat gem is turning into somewhat of a cult favorite...finally.

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Silver Linings Playbook

The rom-com for people—like me—who normally don't care for romantic comedies. My review is up at the Mike's Comments.

Great performances and a fine script will engage you, as you watch two people with real issues fall in love. Their mostly misguided family and friends offer little help along the way, which makes the journey all the more bittersweet.

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A bit late in posting this review.   It's a new kind of Bond film, in that there is a good deal of character development--both of Bond and his boss, M.

This new wrinkle has its avid defenders and detractors, not to mention the controversy regarding how blond Daniel Craig doesn't represent the swarthy Bond of the Ian Fleming novels.

In any case, this is a quite satisfying action pic.  Read the complete review.


Alex Cross

It would be tempting to dismiss this one as being about as good as a made-for-TV movie, or even better...about as good as a direct-to-video entry made in Michigan.  Tyler Perry tries, but he can't overcome the half-baked dialog and weak script.  Not that the action sequences are anything to write home about, either.

Matthew Fox plays an interesting psycho serial killer.  Too bad he's also supposed to be a top-notch professional hit man.

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Yes, this latest version of the found footage horror movie—and a dark one at that—could have been better.  But, once you get past the slow first act, and the "stinger" scare stuff, it's really not too bad.

Replete with snuff film footage, demon references and red herrings, the biggest shock ends up being where the final reveal of this pic takes you.

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Taken 2

More Euro-action fun from Luc Besson and company. Liam Neeson makes it look good thanks to cutting, done in some cases every few milliseconds. Orienteering under fire, using the speed of sound is a nice touch. Replete with plenty of Albanian baddies. What's not to like (besides Maggie Grace?)

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Way too many flaws in this one.  Time travel stories work best when you stay away from the inevitable paradoxes.  Loopers embraces them--and that's not a good thing.

As with a host of movies, the critics tell us more about themselves than the film they are reviewing.  All but a few of the elite crits gave this one a pass or even positive notices, despite gigantic plot holes, and the laziest screenwriting I've observed in awhile.  Of course, sci-fi geeks are probably the least demanding audience out there. Go figure.

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