The problem with corporate medicine


This HND piece defines the two very different meanings of "corporate medicine," and then proceeds to discuss the more negative one. That is, "The overall ethos of much of modern American medical practice, whereby the healing professions are increasingly controlled by people not directly involved in patient care, who have lost contact with the realities of day-to-day clinical practice."

In other words, our current situation, in which healthcare is just another commodity to be bought and sold. Patients are now customers, and physicians are too often judged by the variety of Keurig pods in their waiting rooms, the quality of the free Wi-Fi, and their willingness to write unneeded scripts. Not much is left of the doctor-patient relationship, compared to pre-Medicare days.

We spotlight some of the ideas of former doc turned coach (to physicians) Debra Blaine, MD, for straight-up truth and commentary.

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Retirement health: Fiscal, physical, and mental

This HND piece starts off with a brief history of retirement, busts a long-held myth, and then segues into practical issues encountered by many retirees.

The fiscal side gives a referral to a new and growing website, chock full of interesting—and contrarian—ideas. The mental component features some points from an article entitled "5 Warning Signs You Aren't Psychologically Prepared for Retirement." As to physical health...we discuss those topics constantly in our other HND articles, all archived here.

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You’ve Heard Endlessly About Health Insurance. What About Life Insurance?

Nothing snarky or clever in this HND piece. We just figured it was a good time to focus on what we call "... a logical extension of health insurance."

It’s good to know that the health care providers will be paid, but what happens to your family if you don’t survive your particular health problem?

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