Save the people first

Shouldn't we expect more from our public health agencies?


This HND piece examines the legacy of failure that is our public health agencies. We first focus on their handling of COVID-19, and the ridiculous policy of quarantining the healthy while ignoring the most vulnerable. This is brought into sharp relief when you realize that at least 43% of all deaths from the virus have occurred in nursing homes. And then, the frankly murderous record of New York state is compared with Florida. Florida— with a larger population and many more older residents—has a fraction of the deaths.

It hardly takes a rocket scientist to understand that forcing COVID-19 patients into such facilities is a recipe for disaster. So what does that tell you about the leadership of the Empire State? And, then there's the flagrant politicization in how the deaths from COVID are even being counted.

What about the entire theory behind the lockdown mentality? Prepare to be disappointed once again. If nothing else comes out of this pandemic, it should be the harsh realization that most medical academics and bureaucrats are little more than empty suits, whose value is immensely overstated. We then segue into the utter fiasco that is our record on obesity, dietary recommendations, and diabetes.

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My last article on COVID-19 (for now)


This HND piece presents a few more observations and contrarian points on the ongoing crisis. We discuss a number of published studies that seriously question the rigorous lockdown approach. In the first one, TJ Rodgers says that there is no correlation between the length of lockdowns are how many lives were saved. A similar study from Western Europe echoes Rodgers' results.

Next, infamous Professor Lockdown (Neil Ferguson of the UK), he of the 2.2. million deaths in the US, has been completely discredited. And, his personal life has about as much integrity as his epidemiological modeling. For this, Elon Musk gets in his digs.

Then, we segue into a treatment of masks—and how to use them; and end with a few snarky comments from Lionel Media.

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More on COVID-19


This HND piece goes into more information on the virus pandemic. We start with a full rundown on the two labs in Wuhan that were handling dangerous viruses, and how they could have escaped—accidentally or otherwise. This includes an explanation of the Biosafety Level criteria and the lack of any publicized audit trail. And then there's the matter of whether or not this pathogen could have been specifically engineered.

We segue into the latest on hydroxychloroquine, and the lamestream media's bizarre attempts to stigmatize that therapy, even going so far as to put lipstick on that pig of a VA study. Also included is an interesting new theory on the pathophysiology of COVID-19.

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Law enforcement and drug rehabilitation


This HND piece traces the often sordid history of law enforcement and illegal drugs. There was always a racial and political component, from its inception in the 1870s. In any case, the War on Drugs has been a massive and expensive failure, and in the past few years, the law enforcement community has started to realize it. That's why, more and more police agencies are promoting rehab, rather than arrests.

Spearheading this effort is the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative, which has a kindred spirit in the Law Enforcement Action Partnership. Ironically, Nixon's War on Drugs did include provisions for rehab and treatment. Of course, these were immediately overshadowed by enforcement activities, racking up virtually no real success since the programs were instituted in 1971.

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More wealth, better health


This HND piece explores the reasons behind the inescapable fact that better health correlates with more wealth, all the way from the poorest to the richest. This correlation is simply another demonstration of the so-called "social determinants of health," and we should focus on breaking the molds.

We look at the possible influence of national health insurance on this phenomenon, but a comparison of general health between similar American and British cohorts brings another finding: Brits have better health, even if we tend to have similar longevities. That is, we get sicker sooner, and can be kept alive longer.

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Physician heal thyself: a case study


This HND piece begins with the origin of the proverb "Physician, heal thyself," and then gets into the significant problem of physician burnout. We include the somewhat sanitized version of this issue, as provided by a federal agency, and expand on it. We give you the reasons behind the causes of burnout, going beyond the agency's treatment.

Then we segue into the story of Debra Blaine, MD, a professional coach who helps docs in need. She knows her stuff, as she was a burnout herself after 30 years in practice. Since burnout is said to affect more than 50 percent of physicians, this problem needs to be dealt with! Who wants to be treated by a burned-out doctor?

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Chronic pain meets chronic hucksters


This HND piece examines the matter of chronic pain, and then focuses on the government's ill-advised scorched earth campaign against opioids.  Unfortunately, thousands of chronic pain patients are suffering because they cannot obtain therapeutic doses of these drugs.  What's worse is that bogus experts--with considerable influence--are pushing this policy.

These charlatans, under the name of PROP, attack opioid pain meds on a daily basis, and it's only now coming out that they are being handsomely paid by plaintiff's lawyers.  What a shock!  A government policy with "unintended" consequences that actually benefits consultants, politicians, and greedy attorneys.  We've never seen that before.

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He who pays the piper calls the tune in healthcare


This HND piece takes a historical perspective on how government-run healthcare programs can go bad. We start with how von Bismarck's 1881 Health Insurance Law was fine, until bureaucrats made sure that the docs knew who was in charge. And, when the money started becoming more scarce after World War I, cost benefit analysis morphed quite readily into Social Darwinism and eugenics.

Somehow, many physicians joined the ranks of the Nazis, with Mengele being the worst but not the only bad one, and horrific abuses became the order of the day. We examine how this sort of behavior persists to this day.

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Keeping your family safe


This HND piece offers plenty of tips on how to keep your family safe, culled from a variety of good sources. We include a number of interesting links. You might like the examples of old and new "shock" safe driving productions.

Then we get into the matter of emergency communications, and how GPS trackers can keep you informed of the whereabouts and welfare of your loved ones in critical times. To this end, we introduce a new product that needs no other network to cover a range of six miles, with off-grid texting included.

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E-cigarettes are not a gateway to smoking--they replace smoking

E-cigs_vapingThis HND piece debunks the pernicious nonsense pushed by the prohibitionists that vaping is a "gateway" to smoking. And you thought that the government wanted people to quit smoking. Completely ignoring science (OMG, are they vaping deniers?), they continue to attack e-cigs. Heck, the "enlightened" city of San Francisco has flat-out banned the sale of e-cigs because they know better. So...a city that can't keep human feces and discarded syringes off the streets has a better way. Riiight.

This story brings you the real story, citing numerous studies, and gives the facts behind the findings. As you might expect, the prohibitionists wildly distort the statistics, with all their slicing, dicing, and conflating.

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