The merry old land of Oz

In this HND piece, we examine the strange career of one Mehmet Oz, who has gone from respected snake oil salesman.  We cite some of his recent follies, and frankly, we could have been much more harsh.  Greed seems to be the only motivation that can explain this kind of trashing of one's own reputation.

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A stop at willoughby (1960) retrospective

Submitted for your approval...

Over at the Mike's Comments, we analyze one of the most popular episodes of the iconic Twilight Zone TV series. Besides being one of Rod Serling's personal favorites, this pic is unique in other ways.

For one thing, biting social commentary that hits very close to home, and does not favor the designated victim group du jour is generally not attempted, and when it does appear, is usually ignored. A few examples would be Over the Edge (1979); Meeting Evil (2012); and Unthinkable (2010). But, "Willoughby" was always popular. For another, the twist ending was very "meta" for its day, and the irony as well as the pun inherent in the title is--as they say in New England--wicked.

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ACSH hits "Toxic America" hard

We've already made fun of the stupid trailer for this TV show, so one good turn deserves another.

Beth Whelan and Jeff Stier tear the show apart in just a few words.

Sanjay Gupta, who hosted this nonsense, again proves himself to have no scruples. Attack chemical companies, defend Vioxx? Sanjay doesn't care, as long is someone is paying. There's a word for people like him, and I'm not thinking of "mercenary."

Oh no! They're all wearing "toxic" suits to protect themselves from Toxic America

We've heard of artistic license, but this is ridiculous. In CNN's promo for its "Toxic America" special investigation, everyone shown in the video is wearing a HazMat suit, to keep them safe. Presumably, this is to underscore the allegedly toxic nature of our environment.

The only problem is that these suits contain...

PVC, phthalates, BPA, PFOA (used to make teflon), and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (flame retardants).