Holiday travel 2020


This HND piece examines the upcoming post-Thanksgiving holiday travel outlook. As you might expect, air travel is down by quite a bit, but people seem to be doing plenty of car trips. Still, the overall amount of travel is down by at least ten percent (based on figures from Thanksgiving). Airlines continue to tout studies showing that the aircraft environment is quite safe. Meanwhile, overreaching governments are urging folks to stay home.

A portion of the public is getting tired of the restrictions, and the nearly daily episodes of hypocrisy by our so-called "leaders," who are caught violating their own policies. Elite scientists such as Dr. Mike Yeadon are joining the skeptics. We also highlight a company that offers a convenient travel safety kit, for those who choose to continue with their travel plans.

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Thanksgiving wishes with an edge

This blog entry points to my latest "Mike's Comment," a writing exercise that has been going on since about 1996. I make the point that, all things considered, most of us still have lots to be thankful for.

Only, I do this while poking fun at the usual idiots.

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